A unique fusion of contemporary elegance and timeless fashion. This collection features subtly ornate designs paired with a plethora of colors that stand out against luxurious fabrics.


Stunningly printed and patterned Kurtis will have you ready on-the-go, showcasing your sense of style, sophistication, and flair for fun


This collection encapsulates charm with neutral warm tones and an exceptionally blended fabric, featuring an Italian collar that will put you in the limelight. Manifest grace like an extraordinaire.


With its vibrant color range, the Women collection is designed to be breathable and perfectly cozy for the joyful little ones.

Bana`s Bringing creative ideas to life

Our clothing line reflects current fashion trends with modest detailing. Designs are inspired from Renaissance, Aztec, Fusion, Arabian and other aesthetics.

Mother daughter collection

Celebrate togetherness with our Mother-Daughter Collection! Enjoy beautifully coordinated outfits that make every moment special.

Noor collection

Feel your best at the epitome of grace while wearing your inspiration-like pride. A complete array of eastern outfits that created an enigmatic persona engulfing sophistication